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6 Ways To Improve Your Brand Image

Do you know that your brand image is about 72% critical to your brand’s future growth? Brand image is the perception or view of your brand in the minds of your consumers. Your brand has a personality of its own and like human beings, having a good brand personality is desirable. This is why branding is an essential aspect of every business. Every business owner needs to consider their brand image because it is a leading factor in how well your business will do. Jonah Sachs says, “Your brand is a story unfolding across all customer touch points.” All current and potential customers are privy to how you put your brand out there and are equally forming their opinions; both good and bad.

Although brand image is a perception of your brand in consumers’ minds, and is largely affected by their opinions, there are still measures you can take to cultivate and influence a good brand image. Below are six ways to achieve this improvement:

1. Redefine Your Brand Values

Go back to your blueprint; what were the core values that shaped your business? Redefine and strengthen them because they are the centre of your business. Your values are what your brand stands for and they determine your brand’s personality and message. It is on these values that everything else will eventually build.

When evaluating your values, these are some questions you should ask:

  • What is your brand about?
  • What sets apart your brand from others?
  • What problem does your brand solve?
  • Where do you see yourself in the future?

There are many questions you can ask when trying to define your values. What matters is you’re able to answer and diligently follow them because they will serve as the bedrock for your business.

2. Take a Visual Assessment

The visuals of your business can be viewed from many points including the logo and general layout. Some brands are more easily recognised due to their logos and this is because they’ve successfully built their brand reputations. Your logo is an integral part of your business and you cannot afford for it to be shabby or cheap looking. It is the icon of the services you offer and what your company is all about. If you feel your logo needs a redesign, contact the help of a graphic designer.

Asides assessing your logo, other aspects of your visuals to assess include your general layout on social media and your website. Your arrangement and pictures matter a lot. It is up to you to decide how this arrangement will be, but remember it should be ordered and pleasing to the eyes. If it seems too hard to attain alone, professionals can easily handle it for you.

3. Be Active On Social Media

A large percentage of the world can readily be found on social media these days as several aspects of life have been digitalized and made simpler. You should make it easier for your customers by firstly, being present on social media. If you already have accounts, you need to be active and consistent.

Your customers need to feel your presence online as it also heightens the authenticity of your business. Engage them regularly; post interesting facts and content that will leave them hungry for more. You should also engage them by liking and responding to their comments. It shows them your brand is available and approachable. In all, ensure your social media presence aligns with your set core values for your brand.

4. Build Your Website

If a client searches for your brand on Google, what is likely to come up? Your website informs people about your brand, the services you offer and likely how you deliver them. This is also where you have the vision, mission, and goals of the company. A website can generate more leads, create more awareness and provide relevant information to the consumers.

Your website should not be shabby or poorly designed. The average individual may not understand much about Web design but they are certain to know when the website is poorly designed as it will show in the interface. If you can afford to, hire a professional to design your website and buy a domain name. This will build on your authenticity and pave way for more customers.

5. Tell Your Story

Every brand has its own unique story to tell. It may include information about your company’s history, what is important is that your goals are clearly outlined. A good story can play on the consumers’ emotions and make it possible to connect on an emotional level with them and eventually gain their trust.

Telling your story doesn’t mean writing out your company’s history on a piece of paper and distributing it around, rather the art of storytelling is used in every area of your brand communication channels. These channels include websites, apps, personal recommendations or through your employees.

Remember the goal at the end of the day is to let your customers know what you can offer them. Don’t get so carried away spinning your tale that you forget to let your customers know what benefits they stand to gain from your business.

5. Have Good Customer Service

Good customer service can also lead to recommendations. People tend to recommend a business to their friends and family when the customer service and the service offered are superb. Train yourself and your employees today, good customer service will go a long day to creating a difference in your brand’s image.

We’ve now gone over six ways your brand image can be improved. Brand image is prominent in any lasting relationship between a consumer and a brand. Your strategy is very important and building on it to develop your brand’s personality will take your business a long way. Remain true to yourself and your values and remember to stay consistent in all you do.

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